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Join the Tree Team! Protect Endangered Trees

Updated: May 23

The Tree Team and MWHA have been busy trying to prevent the destruction of protected and endangered trees. Black walnut, toyon, elderberry, western sycamore and California bay trees and shrubs are all protected by law (LAMC sec. 17.02). Permits must be obtained to remove these trees. Builders must have an arborist report and replace protected trees on a 4:1 basis.

Unfortunately, some developers clear cut lots before filing their building applications. They then state that there are “no trees”, attempting to circumvent the law. If there are “no trees”, builders do not have to plant the 4 replacement trees, and can design and build larger houses. Builders who cut trees without permits can be fined and prevented from building for up to ten years. (LAMC sec. 46.02)

Please join our Tree Team by contacting .

Protecting the trees not only protects the climate, environment and habitat for wildlife, but also prevents erosion and land subsidence—the clear cutting at the corner of Quail and Dove is but one example of erosion causing debris flows into the streets and safety problems. That developer's plans are on hold because of the illegal activity.

If you see trees being cut, ask to see the permits. Report tree cutting to If the tree crews do not show you permits, take photos and report to Urban Forestry at and select: “Report A Protected Tree Violation” or use the APP ‘MyLA311’.

Debris flow on Quail due to clear cutting of trees on lots

Before and after a lot was clear cut of all trees and shrubs


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