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The Return of the Jack Smith Trail Walk April 27th!

We are reviving the Jack Smith Trail Walk April 27th, 2024 at 10am. We will meet at the bottom of the Southwest Museum entrance.

Jack Smith (August 27, 1916 - January 9, 1995) was a columnist for the Los Angeles Times for 42 years, writing some 6,000 columns. Smith was one of the most popular newspaper columnists in Southern California. He lived in Mount Washington with his wife, Denny, and sons, Curtis and Douglas. Smith often wrote about the flora, fauna and his family life in his beloved neighborhood. The Mount Washington Elementary School library is named in Jack and Denny Smith’s honor.

We’ll have a table at the bottom of the Southwest Museum entrance. Each participant will be asked to sign a registration and liability form. Parents and guardians can also sign the consent form. Bring your refillable water bottle and walking shoes. It’s a four mile walk round trip.

The Hike: we’ll head up the stairs to Canyon Vista Drive. Get ready for the steep ascent! From there we will walk past the Self-Realization Fellowship on San Rafael. Then we walk past Mount Washington Elementary and turn left on Sea View Lane. After going in a U-Shape, we will return to San Rafael. Bear left, then right onto Moon Avenue. This begins the descent to Crane Drive which will lead us back to Museum Drive.

We will have some history and nature education along the way. This is a great way to connect with your neighbors and to appreciate the place that Jack Smith loved.

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