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Reporting Construction and Parking Issues

Call 311 to explain the problem and ask to make a report. 311 should route you to the correct city department (building, street services, parking enforcement, etc.).

Or you can go online at MYLA311 and make a report. Click on “other” and then follow the prompts to file a complaint.

Report it to Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) online HERE. This makes a report that an inspector is supposed to respond to and resolve. You can check on the status of your violation report online as well. You can also check on reported code violations by going on, searching for the address, go to the “Jurisdictional” tab, then click on “view” the “building permit info” and see the “code enforcement information”.

You can also find out the identity of the inspector for the site and leave a message directly for them. Go on ZIMAS search for the address, go to the “Jurisdictional” tab, then click on “view” the “building permit info” and click on “permit information” and click on the permit. Scroll through the permit until you see “inspector information” which will give you a name and phone number. You can also send an email by using the employee directory HERE to get the inspector’s email address.

For road obstructions, damage, etc., you can contact the enforcement division of the Bureau of Street Services at or call (213)473-3231.

For those times when the construction vehicles are blocking the road or your driveway, or are parked in no parking zones or red curbs, contact Parking Violations Bureau, Department of Transportation, at (213)485-4184 or (818)756-9418. Take a photo of the vehicle so you can provide the plate number and a description of the vehicle(s) when you make the call.

Contact Council District 1, Gilbert Cedillo’s office (323)341-5671 and let them know that our hillside has problems! ; and Explain the problem and send photographs to document the issues. Ask CD1 for help with your problems.


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