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A yearly membership makes all the difference to our volunteer organization. Your contribution helps our conservation efforts. For example, we distributed milkweed plants to encourage the butterfly population. We use funds to help neighbors appeal thoughtless development. 
We will keep you up to date on Alliance projects and outreach. You'll get a newsletter full of helpful information too. 
Voting membership in the Alliance is reserved to homeowners within the Mount Washington boundaries, but other community residents are encouraged to join in order to stay informed of community activities and participate in Alliance projects.


Membership info

Alliance memberships are valid for the calendar year beginning January Payment must be registered by end of Jan 8, 2021 for your mail-in ballot vote to be counted.

Members in good standing have voting privileges at Alliance membership meetings. Voting is restricted to up to 4 adult occupants of an owner occupied home. If you are renting or if you are a non-occupier owner then you can be a member but you just can't vote.

You can PAY ELECTRONICALLY BELOW the form or make a check payable to Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance or MWHA and mail to:

P.O. Box 65855 Los Angeles, CA 90065-0146

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